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October 07, 2005


Ma Hatfield

LOL! Good idea..I'm the weirdo from either LA, Woodland Hills or Winnetka.....depending on how specific it gets.


I am from southern NC, as you know. I have you listed in my favorites and I stalk your blog also. I read to see how far in left field U are (lol). I also like to read your knitting news. I even looked at pics of your antique machines yesterday. I have my mom's that she used when I was a small child. Singer pedal.


Hi ! I started reading your blog after I read a post you put on ithaca freecycle...I'm probably a stalker too, but I love reading your political rants so much, that I can't help but check a few times a day...lol !! I hope you don't mind... I'm not a freak I promise ( I'm also a stay at home mom with 4 kids) I probably would have "introduced" myself a long time ago, but wasn't quite sure how, thanks for the opportunity !!


LOL I'm Nana... grandmother of your children, mother of your husband... and your mother-in-law. ;)
love you all


Hello!! I am a not-so-random visitor. I think I might have arrived via Kerstin. As far as being freaky goes....Thank You for noticing!! Actually I'm only truly freaky between the hours of 5am and 7am as I am trying to get ready for work and get the kiddo on the school bus by 6:45. (Althought there are rumors that I am freaky outside of those hours I categorically deny them.)

What else? Let me see.....Oh yes!! I am currently entrenched in a liberal enclave (the only one on the block) in central Texas.

I have knit for almost 40 years and I also spin and ocassionally weave and sew. (I am suposed to be making a Jedi cloak but I have dismantled my old Singer to clean it and am currently in sidetracked mode.) I have a Singer treadle that also needs a tune up.

I usually spend too much time surfing blogs and leaving mildly rude remarks (only to Kerstin and a couple of others who seem to tolerate them well). And I try to avoid being serious for longer than 5 minutes at a time.


You alaready know that I stop by when I'm going theough the various blogs I read. Guess I'd come by less often if I stopped being lazy and started using a feed reader ... Not so interested in knitting, but I enjoy reading about the kids and your political rants.


Hello. I've been coming by for a while, I don't remember exactly how I got here originally, but I've come back often. I'm from Los Altos, CA.


Hi! I read this thing from work so I'm the UW one! I check it once a day and I enjoy seeing pics of the family! Sorry that I don't comment though.


Hi! I read this thing from work so I'm the UW one! I check it once a day and I enjoy seeing pics of the family! Sorry that I don't comment though. I'll try to be better about it!


I recently re-bookmarked you on my work computer so i can check in on you and your family while on break. I miss you guys- I love the family pics and stories, knitting stories AND political rants! Especially the family stuff.... Hey to Rich and kids from me..hugs, betsy


Hi Carla! *waves*
Tanya from the june00 list, just checking in! :)
I can't promise I'm not a weirdo... but at least you know who this weirdo from NW MT is. :)


Hi. You know me. Thats all.

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