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January 19, 2006



You're back! Was wondering where you were.
Boy you do have all the luck doncha?
We have the huge big dish because it is much cheaper, you can order stations ala carte and any channel for a month or three months or whatever. Dinky dish is a major ripoff. We will get NBC for Feb for the Olympics otherwise we do not watch network TV...and we sorta get it with the rooftop antenna.
Good news about Richard, keep us posted. So you are hooked up to the internet now via dsl?
I will have some news about yesterday on my blog shortly. Not a good day for us here on the farm.


You missed LOST?!?!?!?!?! OH MY!
Try itunes you can buy the episodes there for $1.99 I dont know if they have the new one up yet though.

YAY on the interviews! Just as you get everything unpacked he'll get a great job!


Yes, I missed LOST, so please, no one tell me what happened! I'm purposely staying away from all LOST discussion boards and websites!


Hey Carla - I hope that the interview leads to something positive. I am thinking those good thoughts for you!


Hey Carla,
I am SO excited about Richard's serendipitous meeting and prospects. Keep us posted. We had mahj at Sue's on Thursday. It wasn't the same without you. It was just the four of us as Sue's lab partners couldn't make it afterall. Due to very bad schedules and Sue being pushed very hard to finish her PhD by this June...we were not able to find a date until April. That means no mahj for 2+ whole months. We decided to do a "special" meeting on Thursday, 4/6, in Skaneateles...because you and Paula may do some yarn lecture or thingie - and we are planning to go for sushi to make up for lost time and mah jong cards after dinner for a round or two. I know - not much mahj - but sounds like a whole lot of fun to make up for the lost time.
Anyway- good luck with the furnace and stay warm. We went through similar furnace woes a few years ago and it isn't fun....


Oh goodness what a rough time of it. Good luck to Richard! Will be hoping for the best.

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