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June 05, 2006





Thanks for that. My dh and I are both biracial & multicultural and consequently our children are of mixed races and cultures. I am very proud of our family and don't see color (despite my daughter having her grandmother's Irish skin color and I have a cafe au lait tone). But we don't live in a world that has Rose colored glasses and so we are constantly reminded of our differences in tiny ways by others not privy to our genetic makeup. And so who are we to determine another's genetic makeup and say that a same sex couple can not demonstrate their commitment and devotion and desire to create a LEGAL family by passing an Amendment that restricts their right to love. But I am not here to write an Amicus Brief (You future Civil Rights Attorney).

I wish your Tribe health, happiness, and most of all . . . Love!


I watched C-Span today. They had representatives from the Cato Institute and the Center for American Progress holding a joint conference on this proposed b.s. amendment. This has nothing to do with activist judges, as pointed out by more than one panel member. If you get a chance to see a re-run, I recommend it. Many excellent points were made.

I'm also reading American Theocracy and Phillips writes a few chapters on the "southernization of American politics." Very interesting in light of what is going on today.


Your welcome sweetie. :-) And it was difficult, not only did i have people in general to contend with (we were still in the Navy at the time), but both families. My mother sent me a letter with over 30 biblical verses supposedly trying to tell me to stay within my own race. And when she couldn't convince me that Native Americans (Indians at the time) were a big enough difference, she then started saying he had 'other' blood in his veins... us being from the south, that was a no-no, you know, even in 1973. ;-) The results were 2 beautiful and brilliant children, and 6 beautiful and brilliant grandchildren. :-) Oh and did i mention, that dad's family and tribe had a problem with me? How dare he marry out of his tribe, and a white woman, from the south, to boot. LOL It's been interesting to say the least...


Amen! My husband and I are also an interracial couple and the idea that it could have been illegal for us to marry is beyond my comprehension. Certainly the idea that discrimation could be written into the constitution is absolutely disgusting and simply shows what an ass Bush is.


Well, now, Carla. I totally disagree with this federal amendment thing. But for different reasons. It's not a federal issue. It's not a federal issue. It's not a federal issue.

For that matter, I disagree with mixing the races. (It may be worth noting that I don't consider Native Americans to be a separate race, or it may not.) BUT, having said that, I also realize I am wrong. It's a result of my upbringing, I suppose, and I am trying to raise my children differently. But even the Bible I try to live by says there is no difference. You shoulda heard me trying to 'splain that one to my mother when my cousin was dating (and did indeed marry) a black man.

(I did proof read this, and I hope I didn't leave any words out--like the "no" that was missing in front of difference in the sentence about the Bible. If I did, just read it like you know my heart :)! )


Ok, I'm back. Gonna BIYB a minute. If I don't consider Native Americans to be a separate race, why not, and what exactly do I consider them to be? They are different from me, certainly. Is it because they are not "as different" as other people groups? "white enough" to be ok? And what does this say about me? About society? What a.... farce!

Ok, now I think I am done. If I could edit my comments, I'da just added this thought that struck me as I navigated away. But I can't so I couldn't so, here is a new one. There are a lot more ramifications here, but I've taken up enough space.


I'm so behind on my blog commenting, but I am so glad that I'm commenting on a moot issue (at least for now). Interracial marriage is such an important parallel because of how relatively non-controverisal something once so contentious and illegal has become--although I find it utterly shocking that not only are poeple still opposed to it, but will say so out loud! Thanks for blogging about how bigotry against some of us affects all of us!

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