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July 31, 2006



Ugh--so frustrating re the computer. For the first time in my life (after the middle-of-the-month paycheck comes!!) I'll be buying a new computer before the old one dies, but I have lost enough impt stuff to totally feel your pain on this one. Hopefully your successful swatching is cheering you up a bit!


Hey Carla... bummer about the computer... have an astrological tidbit for you... mercury just went direct (after 3 weeks of a miserable retrograde) and will be in the shadow until around August 12-13... which means we will still be dealing with things mercury related... communications (which includes equipment such as computers, phones, etc.), travel (which includes vehicles) and contracts. My suggestion is to wait until after the shadow period before you trash your Mac... once Mercury is back on track and out of the shadow, you may be able to pull up the stuff you are worried about. My other suggestion is... keep things on disc. ;-)
- In case you are wondering, Mercury went retrograde around 7/4... and the shadow period was approximately 2 weeks before that date... this was an especially irritating retro...if it's any consolation, it hit me hard too.
love you all


Can't wait to see your design! Have fun computer shopping. :)

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