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July 19, 2006



Your point is very well taken Carla!


Some people just don't value the life that they have. He could set a great example for all those kids whose parents don't care enough to insist on a helmet. Maddening.


I think you should write him a letter!!! Seriously you lost someone you love the same day! Let him know how you feel!!!

unknown friend


I am really truly sorry. If Ben didn't even read the blog, then why don't you write a letter and send to Steelers Office? It might be a bit help. It would be an honor if Ben do something about this for you and your family.. What about the fund? Charity? for the future to help children when they grow up? I would recommend something to keep the honor of Virg. I will pray for you. I wish I was in PA, I would chase Ben's butt to straight this up and help other people for a future safety. You know what I am saying.
You and your family are in my prayers, Carla an kids. Bless your heart.


Just reading your blog for the first time today, and I am so sorry for your loss. Although we are strangers, you and your family will be in my prayers. You know, I agree with a person's right to choose to self destruct, but NOT when it affects my pocketbook or my personal health. The plain truth is that not wearing a helmut increases the risk of death or serious head injury and debilitation. If those things just affected the person who didn't wear a helmut, so be it. But that isn't the case. The cost of care for a motorcycle crash victim is exponential. Even if the injured person has health insurance (and over 40 million of Americans do NOT have health insurance), the cost of care for such severe injuries increases for everyone who holds an insurance policy, via higher premiums, and even for those who don't, in the form of costlier office visits, diagnostic tests, pharmaceuticals, rehab, nursing home care, etc. If the crash victim dies, the family has to pay for a funeral. I am not even going to mention the emotional cost of losing a loved one, as that is self explanatory. Not wearing a motorcycle helmut is the utmost act of selfishness there is. It is a ME ME ME attitude, which is beyond immature. I say, let each person choose whether or not to wear a helmut, but sign off all worldly goods first, and exempt all others from having to pay for such a ridiculous choice. I am sorry if I am sounding political here, but I, too, lost a brother-in-law in a motorcycle crash (he was wearing a helmut), and I also have ridden motorcycles for many years. May you and your sister and your entire family find the strength to go on. That football player you spoke of is not only a poor example and an uniformed coward, but he missed a glorious opportunity to positively effect someone's life in a manner that playing football with never do. God bless.

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