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July 28, 2006



Oh man! I almost bought one slight shade different yesterday when I purchased my customary 2 boxes of hair color yesterday. After reading your post I'm so glad I didn't! I'm really sorry you had a bad experience with your color, and hope you can get it back to your liking soon.


Aw, that stinks about yesterday! I frequently don't get the hair color I want, but I just shrug it off. Weird hair colors are nothing new to me. Hopefully your weekend will be better!

It's beginning to look like the last package/reveal will be around August 23rd or so - waiting on some ordered goodies to show up in my mailbox! But it will be a TREAT, I promise that much!


Oh, Carla, that hair color is not L'Oreal's fault ... it's your inner wild woman trying to get out! Hey, come and knit with us in the morning. We'll be at the new Panera in DeWitt around 10:30. Call me if you need directions.


Heck my hair was practically orange a few weeks ago. I wore a hat a lot.


This is harsh on your hair, but shampoo with powered washing detergent. It should lighten the shade. Then give hair a heavy duty conditioning, maybe a hot oil treatment and wear a plastic cap for a couple of hours. This is what we did when I was in beauty school and the color was a disaster.
If the label had read "medium brown amber" the dominent color would have been brown.

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