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July 05, 2006



Yup, karma's a bitch. Gotta love it...


I'm with ya!


"For many years, his corporation was the single biggest contributor to President Bush, who nicknamed him 'Kenny Boy.'"

Amazing how little coverage there has been over the close connection between Bush and Kenny Boy. Kenny Boy couldn't have perpetrated his energy scam without the help of Georgie Boy.


You echo my sentiments but I think he paid off the doc to kill him. I think it was suicide because he couldn't handle the idea of 10 years in jail. Death was too good an end for him. He should have had to suffer the 10 years in jail. I bet the people he screwed feel really gyped. Also his family may now get to keep his assets....

You keep changing your format? Looks nice!

Secret Pal

So, I expected to send your gift out Thursday...BUT I got home from the holiday and all of our money was gone! (I learned not to leave the boyfriend at home with all the money while I'm going to be gone for several days.)

So I should be able to get it in the mail tomorrow, but if something happens, I'll let you know.

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