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August 22, 2006



Oh yes, i smells good!

My mom also swears by King Arthur. I guess these two recommendations are good enough for me!


The bread! The YARN! You are killing me. I want them both. Right here, right now, no questions asked. What lovely work you do, all around.


I assume you mean this one: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/4094/115/1600/suna.jpg.

I really don't know what exactly was used - it's all KoolAid dyeing, and we pretty much mixed colors until we got what we wanted. I know the darker green used some lemon-lime koolaid, and i think the lighter is mostly a green apple flavor (perhaps mixed with something else), but I'm not sure about the rust color.

And, yes, we had adult beverages to fuel our creativity.


Wow! Your yarn is lovely! I still haven't got the hang of a dk weight. Mine all comes out worsted!

anne hanson

that looks yummy carla! i haven't been to my spinning wheel in days . . .

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