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August 02, 2006



If everyone did their part in reducing energy needs from natural gas, electric, gasoline, oil, water, etc..., we would not have to blame the government. We are all at fault. It is true ignorance to believe global warming is a partisan issue. I'm just as guilty when I run my clothes dryer instead of hanging the clothes out on the line to dry or when I run the dishwasher instead of handwashing the dishes, or when I drive to the mall for no good reason other than to window shop or take a walk or when the computer is left on and not in use.... I could go on and on. And look at all the American people who choose not to drive a hybrid vehicle. I have driven one for over six years. So again, global warming is not a partisan issue. Everyone is at fault, and we cannot rely on the government to fix it. We have to take a stand individually.


Diana. I agree! But should big buisness buy their way out? I see more people buying hybrids, but thats a relatively new era. More can be done. But, since 2000 the environment has been shit on between phony initiatives, (this is one of the reasons why Christine Todd Whitman quit the EPA) and jacked up environmental reports, not written by scientists, but whitehouse employees.


As a scientist working in the environmental field (and closely with government agencies) I know first hand this administration's seriousness on environmental initiatives. It's all PR talk to them. They all of the sudden care when they can't properly fund our schools or their meaningless wars. There is a lot the American people can do on the personal level. And in partnership with some government regulation, I think we can make a solid impact. But I'm not optimistic since government and corporations have the same agenda: greed.



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