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August 29, 2006



I gotta be honest I've never been afraid to be called a socialist and this situation is one of the reasons why.

I'm sorry your sister's having such a difficult time...

but kudos on all your canning, yogurt making, shawl knitting...yada yada...go you!


AWWWW Crap I'm sorry to hear about Jill. Can they have a nurse come care for her during the day? Is she able to sit up yet? Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help out.

YAY on the jam!!!!


Good for you, Mama! I'm glad you posted on Jill, I've been thinking about her. I am really jonesing for some lace now, but should really finish up a couple of things first. Like 10.


What can we do to help Jill? Come on Carla, don't be shy , name it. There's got to be something the knitting blog community can do to make her life a little better.


I'll tell you, Twirly, even with "quality care" and "good insurance," it still sucks -- big time. That "good" insurance company is breathing down the necks of the "quality" care-givers to get on with it, already; time is money! Surely five weeks in ICU is enough -- look, he's sitting up! He may not be conscious, and they can thank their lucky stars they didn't paralyze him, but he's sitting up! Don't get me started.

Haven't tried the yogurt yet, but Katie sure perked up at the idea! No doubt, we will. ; )


I'm all for socialized medicine. It's the one thing that makes me wish I lived in a more civilized country like Canada or Sweden. A few years ago, I was working for an organization that suddenly went bankrupt and they stopped paying for our health insurance without telling us. We found out when someone tried to go to the doctor and was told that our she was no longer covered. This wasn't a huge hardship for those of us who were single, young, and relatively healthy, but there were tough cases not unlike your sister's. It's just not right.

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