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October 05, 2005



yummy!! Love it!


Your chest is such an orignal idea as a handmade gift. Yes, it does sound as if he is observant and yes it will be good for your yarn. A piece to show w/pride.


WOW!! What a great guy to do such a wonderful thing for you. You are, indeed, very very lucky!

Ma Hatfield

Oh wow, that is WAY cool!! He wouldn't be willing to work on commission would he?


hee! Thanks everyone!
Crissy, actually he would, but considering he doesnt have a traditional wood shop, everything takes 10 times longer to do (and get it straight) So all the hand work and time, it would cost a small fortune. I know how much he spent on materials for this, add the time, and this particular ottoman, as it should be, is priceless!

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