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August 14, 2006



Oh geez Carla Keep me posted
hugs and love
Ma (aka Nana)


Unbelievable! I'm glad they are all ok. This is going to be a year your sister never forgets. Wow.

Hey, Excedrin (migraine strength) helps me every time.


Jeez! Poor Jill! I hope hope hope the rest of 2006 is as boring as they come. Good thoughts going out to all!


Oh, Carla, I'm so sorry that you all have more stress to go through. And so glad it wasn't worse. Hugs...


Prayers for strength and healing coming your way....


Geez, I'm so sorry. How many sad things have I read since becoming your Secret Pal? I'll tell ya - FAR too many!

For some good news, the last package and the reveal should be mailed out tomorrow. I have three more items to track down for it (which I'm doing today), and then I'm done.


How horrible Carla... I hope that Jill will not a have difficult road to recovery. Thinking of you.


sending good thoughts...


Damn Carla, I'm so sorry you're family has been through such a rough time. It could have been worse though everyone will be ok. My thoughts are with you and your family.


Funneling as many good thoughts as I can towards Jill and her family.


this is the kind of thing that could make a kid never leave the house again! hoping everyone mends quickly! you guys are in my prayers

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